SORCUS develops, produces and distributes intelligent PC-boards and parallel-computing systems based on PCs and embedded systems. The main area of application of our standard products are industrial controlling, measurement and communication. Our customers are mainly big and international operating industrial enterpises.


The SORCUS success story began in 1986. "Someone who ist finally thinking along". With this motto, SORCUS revolutionized the PC-based data acquisition market as the worlds first supplier of intelligent, modular PC-boards. Dr. Hartmut B. Brinkhus, the founder of SORCUS, shaped the Heidelberg "Garage company" to a successful, medium-size high-tech company. In 1996, SORCUS presents "the smallest PC of the world" which still is exhibited in the Heinz Nixdorf Museum.

Today, SORCUS is one of the leading supplier of innovative, PC-based hardware and software for data acquisition and control as well as for embedded systems. In addition to the hardware and software, SORCUS offers complete solutions as well as careful consultation, on site operation and personal care.

SORCUS products are available worldwide from our well trained partners and distributors. Our OEM-customers offer products, based on SORCUS hard- and software on the international markets.

Several patents and a high export rate demonstrate our competence. In a more and more global market, we achieve consistent growth above average and healthy profits.

This success gives our customers, partners and suppliers safety in a world of change for a stable, long-term relationship.

The Future is now!