Communikation modules

Module       Channel Protocol Level Isolated Comment
X-CAN-2i 2 CAN CAN Channel 2 channel CAN-bus-module (high speed): corresponding to CAN specification 2.0A and 2.0B, 2 independent CAN-channels with high speed transceiver (max. 1 MBit/s) each, galv. isolated.
X-DPS-1i 1 PROFIBUS RS-485 Channel 1 Channel PROFIBUS-DP Slave: compatible with IEC 61158 standards, automatic baud rate detection from 9,6 K to 12 MBit/s, RS-485 galv. isolated.
X-DPS-2i 2 PROFIBUS RS-485 Channel 2 Channel PROFIBUS-DP Slave: compatible with IEC 61158 standards automatic baud rate detection from 9,6 K to 12 MBit/s, RS-485 galv. isolated each channel.
X-SCC-2 2 async/sync RS-xxx no 2 universal serial interfaces with ESCC: for sync, async, SDLC, HDLC, bisync., etc. baudrate generator, DPLL and FIFO each channel, sundry clock-configurations possible, physical. interfaces each channel as RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 configurable. With RS-4xx bus termination resistor via software switchable.
X-SSI-2 2 SSI RS-422 no 2 channels synchroneous serial interface (SSI).
X-ETH-100 1 Ethernet 100 BaseTx yes Ethernet-Modul: 10/100 MBit, inkl. Software. Auch als 10 MBit, 10 BaseT verfügbar.
X-ETH-4c 1 + 4 Ethernet + seriell async 100 BaseTx + RS-xxx yes Ethernet- and 4 channel serial module: 10 BaseT and 4x serial, asynchronous interfaces, 2 x RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 switchable via software, 2 x RS-232 incl. modHM-control lines
X-COM-4 4 async RS-232, -422, -485 Channel 4 asynchronous, serial interfaces: PC-compatible UARTs. For 2 channels RS-232/RS-422/RS- 485 switchable via software, 2 channels RS-232 incl. all modHM-control lines.
X-COM-8i 8 async RS-232, -422, -485 Channel 8 asynchronous serial RS-232 (inkl. RTS/CTS) interfaces: channels galv. isolated, PCcompatible UARTs with 64 Byte FIFO per channel and direction, any desired baud rates up to 460 Kbaud.
X-56K-FU 1 Modem Analog yes Analog modem: data rate up to 56 kBit/s, radio-controlled clock, audio-interface (Codec), standby and wake-up.