CPU modules

Module        CPU (MHz) RAM/Flash Description
X-MAX-1 486 (100) 16/16 MByte CPU module X-MAX-1/U:100 MHz 486-CPU, 16 MByte RAM, 16 MByte Flash-ROM, LCD Graphic-Color-Display-connection (up to 640x480), RS-232, parallel-port (EPP), LED, watch-dog, clock, timer, AT-, XT-Keyboard and iRDA connection, controller for 2 PCMCIA-Cards, incl. Realtime-Multi-Tasking Operating System OsX in the Flash-ROM, software on CD-ROM and manual.
X-MAX-E 486 (100) 8/16 MByte CPU module X-MAX-E/U: same as X-MAX-1 (HM-2643), with 8 MByte RAM and 10 MBit ethernet 10BaseT incl. transformer on-board, serial interface switchable as RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485, clock as running time counter. The X-MAX-E/U is the following model of X-MAX-E (HM-3000).
X-MAX-400 X-Scale (400) 32/32 MByte CPU module X-MAX-400: 400 MHz X-Scale CPU PXA255, 32 MByte Flash, 32 MByte RAM, ethernet 10/100 inkl. transformer on-board, Color LCD and PCMCIA Controller, clock, 3 x UART (1 RS-232, 2 LVTTL, 1 usable as iRDA interface), 2 x USB (1x OTG [Host],1 x USB device), various other interfaces, e.g. I²C, SD/MMC, AC97, I²S, Microwire, SPI, etc. 0..70°C temperature range (optional -40...+85°C), incl. Windows CE Core Runtime Licence.