ARGUS is a standard software package for data acquisition, monitoring and control - extreme powerful and although easy to operate. ARGUS runs on every Windows PC with 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.


The five crusial operating fields of ARGUS:






Dead easy to operate:
With the ARGUS operating design you use all functions similar to your office-software. The clear menus makes a short settling-in period possible. Even as untrained user you get on well very soon within ARGUS. The progressive structure for the different scopes of duties allows to keep the overview in spite of the variety of functions.


ARGUS highlights:

  • Data acquisition, control and monitoring in realtime
  • Analysis and documentation during data acquisition is in progress
  • Easy to use
  • Modular form 16 up to 4,000 channels
  • Open interfaces
  • Data Access throuhout the network
  • Simple and convenient database integration
  • Integrated Fault message system

ARGUS is open:

Without appropriate interfaces even the best software products are destined to remain isolated. They can never be a future-proof investment.

Software interfaces:

  • Network: Ethernet with TCP/IP and UDP
  • Databases: MS-Access, MS-Excel, dBase, via ODBC to Oracle, SAP, SQL-Server, IBM
  • PC: ActiveX, OCX, OPC, DDE, DLL
  • Communication: e-Mail, SMS / Pager


Keep the overview:For the display of measurement data diagrams and various instruments are available:

  • y-t diagram
  • x-y diagram
  • Oscilloscope
  • Table
  • FFT
  • Classification
  • Order analysis
  • Bar indicator
  • Pointer
  • Tachometers
  • Custom specific objects via ActiveX / OCX


ARGUS and the hardware:Of course ARGUS supports the complete SORCUS-hardware. But also data acquisition boards and measurement devices from third-party suppliers as well as the standard PC-interfaces can be used with ARGUS.

PC-boards from SORCUS:

  • MAX6pci
  • MAX9pci
  • Multi-COM
  • Multi-LAB/2

Decentralized Intelligence from SORCUS:

  • MAX5dip
  • MAX8dip


  • CANcardX (Vector)


  • Ethernet
  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • OPC, DDE

ARGUS versions:

  • Demo version
  • The demo version is intended for users who do not possess any hardware platform. It contains a few complete configurations that illustrate the capabilities of ARGUS software. You can start and stop data acquisitions, analyse and document measured data, and create your own configurations. Plus almost all the optional software modules, so that you get to know the possibilities of the ARGUS software. The demo version can be run immediately after installation.
  • 60-day test version
  • For the 60-day test version you need a hardware platform (MAX6pci, MAX5dip, MAX8dip, MODULAR-4, Multi-LAB/2, Multi-COM or PCMCIA [Vector]), together with a free license file which you can request from info(at)
  • ARGUS / ARGUSpda full version
  • For the ARGUS full version you need a hardware platform (MAX6pci, MAX5dip, MAX8dip, MODULAR-4, Multi-LAB/2, Multi-COM or PCMCIA [Vector]), together with a license file. To obtain a full version license file, please contact: SORCUS Computer GmbH, e-Mail: info(at)