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  • CANbox® = Dual CAN to WLAN Converter
    The CANbox® can send and receive CAN data via one or two CAN interfaces, add a time stamp, buffer the data and transmit them wirelessly via  WLAN respectively LAN. The CANbox® can be configured only to accept specific identifiers (acceptance filter). The CANbox® can operate in a temperature range from –20 to +70°C.

  • X-MAX-400
    Embedded-PDA with X-Scale-CPU!
    About 80 different types of I/O and communication MAX-Modules are currently available. Carrier boards can be adapted to any measurement and control task through these modules.

  • MAX5dip | MAX8dip
    The MAX5dip and MAX8dip are intelligent, decentralized peripheral devices capable of autonomous operation in a small, compact housing for mounting to a top-hat rail with low installation depth. It can be used, independently of a PC, for measurement and control purposes.

  • MAX6pci
    Modular PCI card for MAX modules! It can be operated in any PC with PCI slots, either as a passive card or, when fitted with MAX modules with CPU, as an intelligent card. MAX modules are simply inserted according to the particular need for inputs and outputs or for computing power.