ARGUS: Data acquisition, analysis and documentation

Data acquisition

In ARGUS each signal will be shown as a channel and getting a freely definable name. At the same time the signals can be calibrated, linearized and calculated.

An individual sampling rate for each signal or for a group of signals is adjustable. So slow signals will be acquired with a low sampling rate and fast signal with a high sampling rate.

Each measurement can be started and / or stopped manual, by trigger or by online condition. Of course pre- and posttrigger ist configurable.

All measurement data will be stored at the PCs hard disk. Without interrupting the data acquisition, all data can be analyzed and documented simultaneously.

Data acquisition with ARGUS:

  • Acquisition of measurement data with individual acquisition rate and high sampling rates
  • Numbers of mutually independent data acquisition processes on one PC
  • Event driven data acquisition via condition-driven calculation
  • Pre- and posttrigger
  • Online-calculation with signal output
  • Realtime alarm and protocol system
  • Synchronized acquisition of different hardware and different sampling rate
  • Data access throughout the network


Measurement data can be analyzed even whilst data acquisition is in progress. Represent the measurement data in diagrams easily by loading the stored data fom the hard disk.

ARGUS offers a wide range of mathematical funtions for online and offline analysis:

  • Formula-interpreter for any calculation
  • FFT
  • Filter functions
  • Classification with range limits
  • Order analysis
  • Rms value, average, smooth
  • Minimum, maximum, etc.

All analysis functions can be called at touch of the button:

  • As many screens as you like
  • Various curves per diagram
  • Copy, delete and move of curves
  • Automatic scaling
  • Zoom and scroll, even across multiple measurement files
  • Synchronization between windows
  • Definition of curve parameters
  • Measuring and calculating of any channels
  • Access to data sets via database parameters
  • Timewise overlay of curves


With ARGUS you can create reports very easily and professional. The results can be displayed in diagrams, pictures and graphics.

A side view shows the output of your report. Finished reports can be printed on any printer or copied in office-applications or presentation programs.

Using the export function in ARGUS the data can be exported to ASCII, Excel, DIAdem, FAMOS, Flexpro, etc.

Overview of documentation functions:

  • Freely definable layouts with side view
  • Import of graphics and pictures
  • Import of measurement data
  • Free scaling of all diagrams, tables and graphics
  • Inscription and comment of measurement results
  • Data export in numerous formats