• intelligent and autonomous working peripheral device.
  • construction kit for small DAQ systems or interface converters.
  • 2 slots for MAX-Modules.
  • Compact-Flash slot (e.g. for WLAN and/or Bluetooth card).
  • flexible connector for I/O signals.
  • dimensions: 83x33x113 mm.


The new MAX2box from SORCUS is a construction kit for small DAQ systems or interface converters. Besides a CPU module a second MAX-Module for analogue or digital signal acquisition and generation can be applied. The CPU-Module offers (depending on the version) several interfaces like Ethernet, RS232/422/485, and USB (host and device resp. USB-OTG). Furthermore it provied up to 32 MBytes of RAM and Flash. Galvanic isolation of the interface signals can be easily obtained by using the appropriate MAX-Module. The I/O signals can be accessed via flexible connection interfaces. As an universal connector to the I/O module a 44-pol. D-Sub socket is provided. For special requirements the MAX2box can also be fitted with project specific connectors. On the small carrier board an additional Compact-Flash slot can be used for WLAN and/or Bluetooth cards. To store large amounts of data the CF slot can also be used for a CF memory card or a Microdrive. The RF-proof metal case (dimensions: 83x33x113 mm) can also be mounted on top-hat rails if a static operation is necessary. The CF slot is protected by a robust flap to prevent damage and soiling. For power supply the MAX2box can be directly connected to 6..60 V e.g. on-board supplies (incl. 42V) in vehicles. The box is designed for a temperature range from 20 to +70°C (optional -40...+70°C).


Parameter min. typ. max. Einheit Anmerkung
Versorgungsspannung 6 12 60 V  
Leistungsaufnahme (abhängig von den aufgesteckten MAX-Modulen) 1   12 W min.: ohne Module max.: begrenzt durch DC/DC-Wandler
Galvanische Trennung   --   V Nur durch geeignetes I/O-Modul
Umgebungstemperatur 0 - 70 °C optional -40...85°C
Abmessungen BHxT   83x33x113   mm Komplettes Gerät
Schutzart   IP54     Mit geschlossener Klappe am CF-Slot