ARGUS: Automation of test stands

Automation of test stands:


At test stands not only data with large quantities and high speed has to be acquired, also numerous parameters must be controlled in realtime simultaneously or nominal values must be generated. For that purpose ARGUS offers many functions and makes the PC in conjunction with intelligent hardware platforms to a process computer with realtime capabilities for test stand automation.

Apart from data acquisition, the simulation of environment conditions plays a crusial part at the automation of test stands. ARGUS can reproduce run- and motion profiles. The function generators can be used for outputting a sine, ramp, triangle or rectangle at a definable sampling ratio, as well as for outputting any required nominal value trends from a file of unlimited length. Simultaneously PID-Controller adjust parameters like revolution or torque for e.g. force free start or change between different operating conditions.


ARGUS highlights:

  • All control procedures with realtime capability
  • Event triggering by freely definable conditions
  • Automatic processing of action lists (set output, start test, etc.)
  • PID-controller with online definable parameters, e.g. for shock-free starting / switchover
  • Specification of nominal values from database
  • Synchronous output of sine, rectangle, triangle, ramp and simulatig files on numerous function generators simultaneously
  • Direct link to Matlab / Simulink




For test stands there is often a demand on software that looks like customade especially for this application or for this company. With the customizing function ARGUS can be adapted for special requests. There are programming interfaces for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, etc. and a realtime development environment in C. So any requested adation to ARGUS will be possible. As an ActiveX-container ARGUS runs custom-specific OCX-programs.



Concecting databases

Data can be written directly into a Access database with exact date and time. ARGUS also supports Excel, dBase, Foxpro and Paradox. For connection to large server databases like Oracle, Sql-Server, SAP, etc., ARGUS uses the ODBC-interface.

In the same way ARGUS reads nominal values out of the database and output it to electric motors, hydraulic cylinders, valves, etc.

Interfaces for automation of test stands:

  • OPC, TCP/IP and ODBC
  • Direct connect to MS-Excel and MS-Access
  • Multiple operator levels with password protection
  • Automatic documentation
  • ActiveX-container including custom-specific OCX-programs
  • Program interface for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, etc.
  • Realtime development environment in C



ARGUS easily can adapted to Matlab / Simulink. Over an interface e.g. system models created in Simulink can linked online to ARGUS PID-controllers.


Serial testing:

ARGUS allows the parallel operation of all measurement and controll tasks. So several test stands can be operated simultaneously but independent form each other.