ARGUS: Plant and process monitoring

Plant and process monitoring :


ARGUS monitors and maintains plant and process facilities of every size. All downtimes will be recognized, analyzed and logged immediately. Nominal values and limit values are also monitored. With that an economically and trouble-free operation is guaranteed in a long run. The use of ARGUS pays off very fast because its just optimized for these applications and because it assits a very flexible interfacing concept.

ARGUS highlights:

  • Up to 4000 analog and digital signals
  • Direct link to automation systems and PLCs
  • Multiple independent measurements simultaneously on one PC
  • Pre- and Posttrigger on any event or sophisticated conditions
  • Networked based systems
  • Online- and offline-access to all data from any PC troughout the network
  • Circulating buffer archives with an option to delete the oldest files automatically (FIFO)
  • Analysis of measurement data even whilst data acquisition is in progress
  • Limit value monitoring of all signals
  • Fault message management with plain text documentation in database, sending of e-Mails and SMS / Pager
  • Searching the entire database for complex conditions
  • Analysis of PLC-data via MPI and PROFIBUS



Fault message reporting:

For human understanding abstract figures and codes are not very informative. Easily remembered are plain text messages with exact date and time.

The integrated fault message management in ARGUS documents the course of events. On touch of the button you will get a list of all messages. Any data channel, any analog or digital input and any event (e.g. limit value infringement) can set on the monitoring list.



Link to automation systems and PLCs:

For connecting automation and control systems to data acquisition system, ARGUS provides numerous interface to PLC and central systems (PROFIBUS, Etehrnet, OPC, DDE, etc.)

ARGUS collects PLC data serial or by PROFIBUS via the siemens communication interface MPI. The data will be stored parallel with the other signals.

Vibration analysis:

Vibration analysis is the right method for condition assessment of rotating machines. The analysis of periodic frequency parts in the vibration signal which are directly combined with the revolutions, allows conclusions of possible problems.