ARGUS: Quality control

Quality control:


Complex production facilities require intelligent quality assurance systems. To guarantee the today´s quality standards in the production all relevant quality data has to be acquired continously. The adherence of determined limit values has to be monitored during the whole production process.


Online control:

ARGUS allows the acquisition of many different data simultaneously. Limit value conditions for each measurement channel are definable. For each limit value you can configure how ARGUS has to react on its infingement. This can be done e.g. by setting of alarm outputs. But ARGUS can also mesh in the process, e.g. for stopping the production.



All measurement data will be stored local or on a central server. They are immediately available for online- and offline-analysis to all users. In permanent operation ARGUS determines statistic parameters in regular intervals and writes them into the database.


The database is the focus:

The standardized ODBC-interface allows professional data management with connection to almost every database (SAP, Oracle, SQL-server, etc.). Configurable filters allows the sorting and selecting of data sets. In addition SQL-commands for extended search can be entered directly.


ARGUS highlights:

  • Connecting databases via DAO / ADO or via ODBC
  • SQL-commands and filter functions
  • Intelligent investigation of measurement data
  • Configurable interface for data export
  • Import of measurement data
  • Generating reports



Generating reports:

There are functions available for creating reports and documetations, which are executed automatically at the shift end or at other events, e.g. by limit value infringement.

The reports can be provided with comments and additional graphics. The output take place on a printer or paperless via e-Mail. Of course all finished reports can be copied in office-applications or presentation programs.


Total production maintenance (TPM):

Because of the flexible coupling possibilities between databases, network stations and the production facility ARGUS becomes the organisation and connecting center for all quality relevant data. With that ARGUS meets all requirements for total production maitenance.