• 3-channel counter- and incremental encoder-interface, each with 16 bit, cascadable to 32 bit or 48 bit
  • each channel programmable for 13 modes (e.g. pulse-width-, periodical-, speed- and frequency-data measurement, incremental encoderinterface)
  • 16 channel interrupt controller
  • 12 optically isolated inputs
  • 8 optically isolated outputs
  • available for logical, process and TTL-Level


The module provides three 16-bit counters. They can be cascaded. The module also has 12 external, individually opto-isolated high-speed inputs. The inputs can be configured through software for a wide range of functions. All 12 inputs are capable of generating interrupts, and can be queried by software as general inputs. They can also be configured in a variety of ways as count and control inputs for the 3 counter channels.

The module also offers 8 individually opto-isolated outputs. They can be controlled by software, and have no fixed relationship with the counter channels or with the inputs.