• 32 Bit X-Bus® Module
  • multi processor capable
  • Intel X-Scale CPU with 400 MHz
  • ARM V5TE (incl. Thumb- und DSP)
  • up to 32 MByte RAM (8, 16, 32 MByte)
  • up to 32 MByte Flash (4, 8, 16, 32 MByte)
  • LCD color graphics (for DSTN and TFT)
  • Resolution max. 640x480, 16 bit color
  • Ethernet 100 BaseTx incl. transformer on-board
  • USB-Host, -OTG (Host/Device) and -Device
  • 3 UARTs (serial interfaces)
  • IR interface (SIR, FIR)
  • CF/PCMCIA controller for 2 cards
  • MMC resp. SD card interface for 2 cards
  • parallel port
  • audio interface I2S or AC97
  • I2C and 2 x SPI interface
  • 64 channel interrupt controller
  • 16 channel DMA controller
  • Watch-Dog, manual reset, several timer
  • 3 on-board LEDs
  • clock (battery buffering possible)
  • digital I/O, interrupt-capable
  • serial and JTAG debug interfaces
  • Windows CE.NET (Ver. 4.2) and CEoX
  • only 29 x 58 x 8 mm large
  • 3.3V supply


The CPU module X-MAX-400 is a complete 'embedded PDA'. It provides all interfaces known from modern PDAs and several additions like Ethernet (100BaseTx), USB host, USB OTG (host or device) and a battery buffered clock (with external battery). This fast ARM CPU can be clocked up to 400MHz. The very low power consumption can be reduced even further by (dynamic) switching of the clock frequency. The CPU architecture complies with Intel XScale (PXA255). This CPU provides several extensions to the standard ARM instruction set especially for DSP functions (v.5TE). Up to 32 MByte RAM and 32 MByte Flash are on-board. A Flash file system can be used with the on-board Flash. For cost reduction the module is available with less RAM and Flash. Some of the on-board interfaces share the same I/O pins of the two 40-pin connectors. These interfaces aren't available at the same time. Almost all I/O pins can be used as simple digital I/O independent from their usage as interfaces. They can be configured as in- or output by software. All input pins are interrupt-capable.