• Intelligent, decentralized peripheral device
  • X-Bus CPU module to run application-related programs for measurement and control
  • 8 slots for MAX modules
  • A total of 240 screw terminals for the connection of I/O signals. The particular function depends on which I/O modules are plugged in
  • Host interface for downloading programs, and for data exchange or for connection to a fieldbus system such as PROFIBUS-DP or CAN.
  • By changing the modules and the associated software it is easy to adapt the device for a variety of tasks.
  • Up to 2 modules can be stacked at each slot.
  • Supply voltage: 24V
  • Can be mounted on a DIN rail or on a flat surface.


The MAX8dip is an intelligent, decentralized peripheral device capable of autonomous operation in a small, compact housing for mounting to a top-hat rail with low installation depth. It can be used, independently of a PC, for measurement and control purposes.
In order to adapt it to particular applications the device may be fitted with MAX modules. Up to 2 modules can be stacked at each module slot. Connection to the peripheral is implemented via a total of 240 screw terminals. The function of these connections is provided by the modules that are used.
A communication interface to a host computer (via serial or ethernet) permits application-related software to be downloaded and data to be exchanged with the host system.
The DIP must be provided with a DC supply voltage of approx. 24V (18.6V to 36V). All the operating voltages required internally are generated from this, with galvanic isolation. A switch allows the device to be switched on and off.


Parameter min. typ. max. Unit Remark
Supply voltage 18,6 24 36 V  
Power consumption (depends on stacked MAX-Modules) 3   35 W min.: without modules
max.: limited from DC/DC-converter          
Galvanic isolation   500   V between supply voltage and all I/O-pins
Operating temperature range 0 20 70 °C optinal -40 ... 85°C
Cross section of connecting cable 0,5   1,5 mm² PE conductor up to 2,5 mm²
Dimensions (width x height x depth)   314 x 169 x 64   mm