• Intelligent, decentralized peripheral device
  • X-Bus CPU module to run application-related programs for measurement and control
  • 5 slots for MAX modules
  • A total of 128 screw terminals for the connection of I/O signals. The particular function depends on which I/O modules are plugged in
  • Host interface for downloading programs, and for data exchange or for connection to a fieldbus system such as PROFIBUS-DP or CAN.
  • By changing the modules and the associated software it is easy to adapt the device for a variety of tasks.
  • Up to 2 modules can be stacked at each slot.
  • 16 three-color LEDs to indicate signal states
  • Supply voltage: 24V
  • Subdivision into a terminal and an electronic unit. This permits exchange of the electronics without disconnecting the electrical connections to the peripherals.
  • Can be mounted on a DIN rail or on a flat surface.


The DIP is an intelligent, decentralized peripheral device capable of autonomous operation in a small, compact housing for mounting to a top-hat rail with low installation depth. It can be used, independently of a PC, for measurement and control purposes.
In order to adapt it to particular applications the device may be fitted with X-Bus modules. Up to 2 modules can be stacked at each module slot. Connection to the peripheral is implemented via a total of 128 screw terminals. The function of these connections is provided by the modules that are used.
A communication interface to a host computer (via serial or ethernet) permits application-related software to be downloaded and data to be exchanged with the host system.
The device is subdivided into a terminal block and an electronic block. The electronic block contains all the system’s electronic circuitry. It is plugged into the terminal block. The terminal block carries the fixed wiring. It does not contain any electrical components that affect the function, so that the probability of failure is very low. No wires have to be disconnected when the electronic block is changed. The terminal block can be mounted on flat surfaces as well as on a standard profile rail.
Up to 48 input and output line states can be indicated by means of LEDs.
The DIP must be provided with a DC supply voltage of approx. 24V (18.6V to 36V). All the operating voltages required internally are generated from this, with galvanic isolation. A switch allows the device to be switched on and off.


Parameter min. typ. max. Unit Remark
Supply voltage 18,6 24 36 V  
Power consumption (depends on stacked MAX-Modules) 3   26 W min.: without modules
max.: limited from DC/DC-converter          
Galvanic isolation   500   V between supply voltage and all I/O-pins
Operating temperature range 0 20 60 °C at horizontal montage, otherwise max. 40 °C
Cross section of connecting cable 0,5   1,5 mm² PE conductor up to 2,5 mm²
Dimensions (width x height x depth)   235 x 130 x 60   mm Terminal block + electronic block