X-DA16i-4, X-DA16-4i und X-DA14i-4, X-DA14-4i

  • 4 analog outputs
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Electrically isolated from carrier card
  • Several output ranges up to +-10V
  • Current output (0...20mA)
  • Output ranges are definable via external reference inputs
  • All channels can be set simultaneously


Output ranges
The module has 4 independent voltage/current outputs. The ranges could be set by software for each channel. The following ranges are possible: 0...2,5V; +-2,5V; 0...5V; +-5V; 0...10V; +-10V. All four channels are also available as current outputs with 0 ... 20mA (only X-DA16-4/Ui).

External reference input
For each channel there is an external reference input. This can be used to define other output ranges. Also you can realise amplitude modulated output signals.

Electrical isolation
The analog outputs are electrically isolated from the carrier board. Among the outputs there is no electrical isolation.


Parameter Value Unit
Number of channels 4 -
Resolution 16 Bit
Output ranges (voltage) 0...2,5; +-2,5; 0...5V; +-5; 0...10; +-10 V
Output ranges (current) 0...20 mA
Offset error (0 .. 50°C) +-800 µV
Gain error (0 .. 50°C) +-32 LSB
Integral linearity error(0 .. 50°C) +-4 LSB
Differential linearity error (0 .. 50°C) +-2 LSB
Monotonicity 15 Bit
Settle time +-0,1%, dUOUT=20V, RL=1kOhm, 100pF 5 µs
Output rate per channel: 1 channel 280 kHz
Output rate per channel: 2 ... 4 channels 55 kHz
Rate of rise (RL=1KOhm, 100 pF) 50 V/µs
Operating temperature range 0 ... 50 °C
Dimensions 29x58x8 mm
Weight 10,1 g
Power consumption:    
- +3,3V (without output load) 165 mA
- +12V(without output load) 180 mA